Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Changes to The Well

Arcane Journeys originally started out as a platform for experimenting with computer game design, and all the games I made during that period are still available to play. Over time, I have moved towards making board games more than the online games, but the other day I was adjusting something minor about the website, and I started to play The Well, the first game on Arcane Journeys. As I played it, I realized that my design skills had gotten better over the years, and that my design sensibilities have changed too. So, I decided to edit the game, and after about a week, I have made a bunch of changes that make the game better, and in fact more like what I had originally intended.

So if you've played, here's the list of changes.

If you haven't played, go here to sign up for an account: Arcane Journeys.

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