Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CSS drop down menus

The create a hero screen on Arcane Journeys seemed to me to be getting cramped and cluttered, because there were so many games, and so much extra info I wanted to show in the long menu list of the games, like which games were updated or free trials, so I decided to put the games into drop down menus by category. This was pretty easy to implement, since there was code to assemble the long side menu and with a few minor changes, I made the new lists easily. The slightly more complicated part was figuring out the CSS and integrating a demo from another site into my current CSS. Along the way, I learned about box-shadow, which is nice simple way to put shadows under things like menus and pop-up windows.

I can't say I understood everything about what I have done, but it is working how I want it to.

The overall result is to make the create a hero page look less cluttered and more streamlined. I think it will be easier for a person to focus on what's going on there.

Here's the result:

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