Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laziness and Apathy?

Tonight I found and fixed and bug on the site where people were unable to sign up to play unless they used a promo code. This has been broken for about two months. The funny thing is, of all the people who tried to sign up and got an error message, none of them reported it to me. That means hundreds of people saw it and did nothing. I am a little in shock about that. Usually if I see an error on a website, I will report it. Maybe that's because I make websites? Who knows. Are people just generally lazy and apathetic? Perhaps.

A while ago I heard someone talk about the idea of being powerful, and deciding that in every situation you come into contact with you will make it go well. I really liked that perspective, because it lets me do more in the world, and get outside of some of the weird selfishness that is promoted in society. It could also be said as: if something's broken, fix it.

Instead of being only lazy consumers of things, maybe the world could be a little better if we all contributed more to making it go well.