Sunday, September 12, 2010

3 Reasons you shouldn't playtest your game

1. Playtesting is boring. Playing is more fun. Play your game and check for problems. Play your game and see how it makes you feel. Play your game and see if it was fun. Play it and see how long it took, whether you want to play it again right away, things like that.

2. Playtesting sounds like a word used to legitimize a game by making it something serious. Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Testing is for equipment and science and gadgets. Test your brakes, but play your game. Play your game, pay attention while you do, make changes if you need to. Then play some more!

3. Playtesting is what you tell people you do as a job (if you are lucky and have a job in the business) instead of saying 'I play games for a living', so you don't feel so frivolous. OK. Maybe keep up the front, if you need to boost your ego, but still just play your game when it comes down to it.

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