Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is a new year, and I thought I would review some of the things that happened this year at Arcane Journeys, and some of the goals for next year.

In the past year, three games have been released on the Game Crafter, a print on demand board game site. It is a great service that lets smaller companies get ideas out to people.

The three games are:

  • Tribes - Lead your people in a quick dice simulation of history.
  • Seven Treasures - A new edition of a card game where you explore a simple labyrinth hunting for lost treasures.
  • Spheres - An all new game about trading exotic cargo in space.

Also in the past year, I started to make mini-runs of a couple of more complicated games, Armies of the Dead, and Arcane Journeys the Fantasy Adventure board game.

Armies of the Dead is a dice game where you battle with undead armies. It is probably my favorite game I have made. I finished up the mini run, and had a game release event where I debuted this game as well as the Game Crafter games. People had fun playing my games and a few copies of games sold as well.

I am about 80% of the way finished with my mini-run of ten copies of Arcane Journeys the Fantasy Adventure board game, which leads me to talk about plans for the upcoming year, when I will finish that game, and have another game release event, I think in March.

As usual, I am working on other games in various stages of completion, and some of these may get published in some way this year.

And who knows what else the new year will bring?

Take care,
-Jim DuBois

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  1. Nice summary Jim. I'd love for you share some of the details about the steps involved in getting these from idea to reality.