Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The River and The Camp - More Free Scenarios for Arcane Journeys!

The first time I thought of having scenarios for Arcane Journeys, which are ways to play the game without having to buy more parts, was while developing The Sea expansion with a friend. A few of my ideas were very interesting, but we decided not to use them in The Sea, so I spun them off into The River scenario.

The River: A scenario that rearranges the usual board layout, creating separate land masses you must cross a turbulent river to reach. Get it here.

After playing a different fantasy adventure board game, I realized one of the ideas in it could be adapted to play in the world of Arcane Journeys quite easily, and I came up with the second scenario, The Camp.

The Camp: A simple scenario where all the cities are gone, and a small camp of people travels around the board, being your only source for items and healing. Get it here.

From there, I came up with a bunch of other scenarios, that are listed on the website, and will be featured here in the future. The things I love about scenarios are their simplicity, their no-cost to play, and the way they increase the play time and interest in the game, making it into more of a game system.

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