Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A collection of free Scenarios for Arcane Journeys

The great thing about these scenarios is that they can be mixed and matched with each other and the other published scenarios, in order to customize a game of Arcane Journeys the Fantasy Adventure Board Game, adding variety and even more longevity to the life of the game.

Today I am telling about 4 scenarios:

1) "Rush the Boss". Kill 1 red enemy instead of 3. This makes for a shorter game, and changes your strategy because you can take bigger risks and specialize in one stat.

2) "Scrambled Eggs". Shuffle all the tiles together and lay them out totally randomly, instead of making sure there is one of each terrain on each side. Makes for some interesting swings in power for some characters, and sometimes makes the board more dangerous by clumping the cities together.

3) "48". Instead of trying to kill three red enemies, you are trying to get to 48 points first. Each green = 1 point, yellow = 4 points, and red = 16 points. Really fun because you can play it by boosting up and trying to defeat the more powerful monsters, or you can run around killing a whole lot of easy ones.

4) Quest Variants. Change how much money shows up in the game. Click the link at the beginning of this entry to see them.

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