Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Evolution of The Ruins of Ashkelon

One of my favorite games on Arcane Journeys, The Ruins of Ashkelon, has just gotten updated to be responsive for mobile and tablet devices. It was a little harder to convert than the other games, because it is more complex and had more information that needed to be displayed. I ended up re-arranging the main screen even for non-mobile devices, and I think the result is greater clarity.

Here are some screen shots of the game over the years, culminating with the new release.

The earliest one I could find, 2006.

From 2007, and shows the header before it was re-designed. I like to see how the layout get better over time on the site.


2015, shows the item and powers box floating to the right of the main box. That makes it easier to read, manage the information in the game, and adjust for responsive design.

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