Friday, November 13, 2015

Major Update for the Ruins

The Ruins of Ashkelon is perhaps my favorite of the basic games on Arcane Journeys. It is one of the only games to feature a map you move around on, and at a casual count there are at least 10 different strategies I want to try playing through it with to see how they do. It has a lot of variety and complexity, and lots of reasons to replay it. Even still, there are always things to update.

This time around I changed a lot of the parameters for interacting with other player's heroes in the game. It has never been entirely satisfying to me in the past, and because of that, I hadn't paid enough attention to it. Now, though, I think it has been refined to the next level, and it seems more in line with the rest of the game. To the point where it could be part of a charisma based strategy. So I am pleased with the results.

See more about the changes at Arcane Journeys.

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